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Emergency Architects started in April 2001 when a group of architects in northern France were inspired to help their disaster-stricken neighbours recover from flooding. Since then Emergency Architects has worked in 19 countries to aid of populations affected by disaster. Emergency Architects is a global independent, not for profit organisation based in Australia, France and Canada, and is not aligned with any religious or political beliefs.

In 2004 Patrick Coulombel the founder and President of Architectes de l'Urgence visited Sydney and met with Andrea and Lawrence Nield. The group worked on trying to retain a building in Villers Bretoneaux in France. 

This first joint effort between France and Australia led EAA to assist Architectes de l'Urgence with further action in our region. The emergency which led to the formation of the EAA was the 2005 Tsunami. EAA sent our first volunteer Robbie Dodds to Sri Lanka. Shortly thereafter EAA sent volunteers to assist in Yogyakarta and Pakistan after earthquakes. Since 2005 EAA has worked in the Solomon Islands, Timor Leste, Australia, PNG and Aceh with funding from Australian Red Cross, Caritas, World Vision, French Red Cross, Friends of Maliana and EU-Stabex among others.


America Canada, Grenade, Haiti, Martinique, Peru, Guadeloupe

Europe Czech Republic, France, Germany, Romania

Middle East Afghanistan, Iran, Lebanon, Pakistan, Turkey, Palestinian territories

Africa Algeria, Chad, Mauritius, Morocco, Madagascar

Asia Bangladesh, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand

Oceania Solomon Islands, Timor Leste, Australia

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